The school aims to offer all students a broad and balanced curriculum including full entitlement to the National Curriculum. Students are subject to school based testing and external examinations. The curriculum is designed to give maximum opportunity for learning in academic and vocational subjects. Pupils also have the opportunity to access external providers who have expertise in delivering PSHE Vocational and work experience placements.

Lever Park is committed to provide full and equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils regardless of gender, ethnic origin or religious beliefs, and to promoting equal opportunities for all in all activities organised or provided by the school, and in every aspect of school life.

The school specialist facilities include:

Food Technology Room (Industry Standard Kitchen)
Design Technology Workshop
Art Room
Information & Communication Technology Room
Science Laboratory
Vocational Areas for Motor Vehicle, Hair & Beauty, Horticulture, Construction & Health and Fitness

Details of the curriculum subjects taught at Lever Park can be found at the following link:

Curriculum Details

Enrichment at Lever Park