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Youth Challenge provides education to Primary and Secondary pupils who have either been excluded from school, or are at risk of permanent exclusion.

The Youth Challenge Primary Provision provides part time places for up to 24 pupils, with classroom education at the Smithills site and support back in the pupil’s mainstream school.

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A warm welcome to Youth Challenge Primary

Youth Challenge Primary is a small provision that serves the key stage 2 children of Bolton who are at risk of permanent exclusion from their mainstream schools, or require further assessment and intervention to promote positive behaviour. We are a part-time (2 days per week)short stay provision that adopts an early intervention model of support to enable children to remain successfully where they belong in their mainstream school setting wherever possible. The goal is to return students to their mainstream school full-time, or to support the need for appropriate specialised provision in order for each child to fulfil their true potential.

Pupils attending Primary Youth Challenge will have a social, emotional, mental health and/or behavioural difficulty which is becoming a barrier to their learning in their mainstream primary school. These children need a highly structured nurturing environment in which they feel valued and secure. Our aim is to provide a stimulating and safe learning environment for pupils and to give each pupil a positive experience of school.

We offer unconditional care, guidance and support to engage all pupils in their learning journey. Each pupil’s individual learning needs are addressed through a differentiated access to the Primary curriculum through personalised plans, individual learning targets that inspire them to want to learn more and that encourage them to become lifelong learners. Pupils have a daily English and Mathematics lesson and all other subject areas are taught through a termly theme or topic.

We aim to inspire every pupil to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to fulfil their true potential in life. Developing self-esteem, confidence and resiliency are major goals for us and preparing our pupils for life back in their own communities after they return to their mainstream schools is a crucial part of our work. We pursue opportunities to address each child’s social, emotional and mental health needs through carefully planned individual and small group work .

Primary Youth Challenge works in close partnerships with schools, families and other agencies, in meeting the needs of our children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Children are supported in their mainstreams schools by their key learning mentor, where strategies are shared to support the children’s progress.

Louise Buchanan

Academy Lead

The Youth Challenge Primary Academy is governed by the Primary Local Governing Body, whose membership can be found here: Primary Local Governing Body

The minutes of meetings of the Primary Local Governing Body can be found here.

Smithills Dean Rd, Bolton BL1 6JT

Queries from parents and other members of the public should be addressed to Louise Buchanan, the Academy Lead

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