Improving Behaviour Choices at Lever Park Academy 2018-2019


Our children at Lever Park are respected and are made to feel welcome. Our motto of “Unconditional positive regard” means that our children are safe, listened to, forgiven and most importantly given every chance to improve their behavioural choices. The academy offers a second chance to all pupils and the next day at Lever Park is always a fresh start with a plan in place.

Many of our children have had previous negative experiences of both education and behaviour management techniques, that have not only failed to improve behavioural choices but have actually resulted in further conflict. Instead, we provide a holistic approach to create an environment where children are given the opportunity to make the right choices. This starts with the attitude and understanding of our expert staff who work tirelessly in building relationships so that the children feel supported even in the most challenging situations.

Children at Lever Park are encouraged to take ownership of their own behaviour and have the opportunity to achieve numerous rewards and incentives. This is accomplished through our classroom point systems and the promotion of our three school rules “Ready, Respectful, Safe.”

Staff at Lever Park have a variety of skills and tools that they can call upon to work closely with our children, some of which have a number of complex needs. This allows staff to provide a well-structured bespoke package for every child, recognising each one as individuals and guiding them towards positive behavioural choices.

Our Behaviour blue print (See Below) clearly states that all staff give first attention to best behaviour and whilst clear systems are in place to deal with children who have made poor choices the emphasis is always on rewarding the children who display the best behaviour.

Our effective use of the Personal Success Targets (PSTs) ensures that every child is set targets that are achievable, rather than generic setting, to ensure that targets are individually tailored so that they are realistic yet still provide sufficient challenge.

Lever Park has in-house, advanced instructors in ‘Management of Actual and Potential Aggression’ (MAPA), who train all staff members on a regular basis. This, ‘Crisis Prevention Institute’ programme is BILD accredited and promotes de-escalation and conflict reduction. It does this by the recognition of early warning signs of anxiety, encouraging staff to assess their own behaviours, and the positive or negative responses that they can illicit, and exploring the types of behaviour that a child may present, together with the appropriate staff response to match it.

This consistent ethos, combined with strategies and shared practices, from Paul Dix (Pivotal Education), ‘The Restraint Reduction Network’ and close working relationships with other, external agencies, allows Lever Park Staff to develop their own emotional literacy and use a variety of therapeutic, pastoral interventions, that help support the most vulnerable children and provide them with a loving, nurturing environment; where they can learn and develop safely and happily.