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Forwards Centre - Academy Information

The Forwards Centre is an alternative educational provision for Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils who have experienced difficulties in their mainstream schools because of their social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs.

The provision caters for up to 40 children.

All the children follow the National Curriculum for Maths, English, Science and Computing. Enrichment activities help children develop skills and expertise in an area of interest with the aim of developing the character traits which enable success in other area of life.

All staff in the centre are trained to level 2 counselling concepts standard and make the following commitment to the children as part of our SEMH principles:

  • We will help you understand your emotions and try never to put you in a situation that will make you anxious or distressed.
  • We will help you understand that learning new things means trying hard and making lots of mistakes and send you home each day with a new set of positive, happy memories.
  • We will help you build relationships and make friends.
  • We will provide a kind, understanding place where you feel accepted and safe enough to make long lasting, positive changes to your life.

Having spent around 25 years working in primary education, I am proud to have become the Academy Lead at the Forwards Centre.

At the Forwards Centre, we work with primary aged children who have been excluded (or are in danger of being excluded) from schools in Bolton.

It is a great pleasure to show new parents/carers around before their children start with us. We do this whilst the centre is working and full of children in order that families can see the centre in action. The most common reaction is a sense of relief as they walk around the centre and see the positive relationships between children and staff and the calm, supportive atmosphere.

We have 5 classes, each with a teacher, 2 learning mentors and a maximum of 9 children.

We are a short-term provision and see our role as helping children move on and be successful in their next educational setting.

We work with each individual pupil to identify gaps in learning to ensure that each child has the academic skills that they will need and use individual provision maps to help overcome any barriers to success. Finally, we will help co-ordinate services to ensure that children and families are accessing the support they need.

Communication is an important factor in children doing well with us and we have a group for families which meets regularly. Each child also has a key worker acting as a point of regular contact between home and the centre.

The Forwards Centre is governed at a local level by the Forwards Centre Local Governing Body.

Details  can be found here: Forwards Centre LGB

Stephens St, Bolton BL2 5DX

Tel: 01204 333660

Queries from parents and other members of the public should be addressed to Chris Fielding, the Academy Lead

If you require paper copies, free of charge, of any information in this website, please contact the Trust office.

Email : adminforwardscentre@boltonimpacttrust.org.uk