Curriculum Overview at Lever Park Academy


The leadership team, working closely with the Bolton Impact Trust leadership team, have designed the 2018-19 curriculum model, which is based around two curricular pillars (phase 1 and phase 2)

Pillar 1 (phase 1 Outcomes)

All pupils access ‘intelligence-led’ enrichment activities that are specifically aimed at meeting their individual SEMH needs as well as broadening their experience of education. Common focus areas for the enrichment activities include:

• Re-engagement with education
• Improving behaviour
• Encouraging Independence
• Attending better
• Staying safe
• Being more resilient
• Improving happiness
• Mental well-being
• Working in a team
• Thinking as individuals
• Making friends
• Exploring relationships
• Independent travel
• Celebrating achievement
• New experiences
• Contributing to the community
• Preparing for life beyond Lever Park

The key aim of the enrichment offer is twofold:

1) To give our pupils a broader, fuller experience of education and open them up to opportunities which they may never have been presented with before
2) To camouflage learning experiences in order for staff to support pupils to gain the necessary phase 1 skills that they require to move on to the next stages of their education (including, in some instances, phase 2 learning)

Working alongside the Enrichment menu are a number of key activities which have been designed to support pupils to meet their phase 1 targets

• Personal Success Targets
• Keyworking arrangements
• ‘Objective Tracker’ of EHCP recommendations

Pillar 2 (Phase 2 Outcomes)

All pupils are offered core academic, vocational, Art, PE and SMSC/PSHE offer (see February 2019 Curriculum Policy). All pupils are also given opportunities to think about life beyond Lever Park through our careers packages.

For more details please see the curriculum policy in Policies on the Lever Park home page


Details of the curriculum subjects taught at Lever Park can be found at the following link:

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