Our Pathways

Springboard Pathway

 A short intervention for one term focusing on bridging gaps in learning and/or addressing a pastoral concern. Typically a part-time placement in conjunction with attending mainstream school.

Building Pathway

A medium term intervention which provides building blocks to help a student cope with mainstream school.

Typically a full-time placement over 1-2 terms.

Hybrid Pathway

A longer term, specialist offer which addresses issues which have been a complete barrier to attending mainstream school. Typically includes outreach provision and builds to some time in centre. Placement is solely with the PLC and is often part-time building to full-time if appropriate. Typically lasts for 2 or more terms.

Focused Pathway

A part-time or full-time placement solely with the PLC and likely to continue until the end of Key Stage 4. Typically offered to year 10 and 11 students for who mainstream education is no longer viable; and who require a focused offer which may include focus on achieving qualifications and securing a post 16 offer of education or training.