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Park School Teaching Service Pupil Outcomes 2018- 2019

Park School Data Dashboard 2018-2019


Park School Teaching Service Pupil Outcomes 2017-18

Children come to Park School Teaching Service when they are unable to access any other form of education.

It takes time, patience and skill to establish positive relationships which then enable us to break down barriers to learning.

Once engaged in learning our students make rapid progress as their confidence increases and they achieve far beyond what would have been conceivable on referral.

In 2017-18 all 32 of our year 11 leavers left with a qualification in maths and English. The majority left with a GCSE in maths and English and they all had a post 16 plan in place for education, employment or training.

Our highest achievers attained grade 8s in maths and English and several students  also obtained GCSE grades 4 and above in English literature, statistics, science, double science, triple science, ICT, art, history, RE and geography.

We are extremely proud of all our students who achieved personal successes by meeting their target grades with a high number also achieving their challenge grades.

Moreover in 2017-18 nineteen students successfully returned to mainstream education following the intervention of our service and five students moved to more specialised provision following successful EHCP applications.

A huge WELL DONE to you all; we wish you all every happiness and success in the future.

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