Parent Support for children using Social Media

As parents, growing up in a digital world is very new to many of us. Knowing what our children can access, who they can talk to and what is happening via the screen is a minefield. We have put together some very useful websites that will give you lots of support and advice on how to keep our children safe online.

Age restrictions

Many social media sites have minimum age limits for their service. The UKCCIS has published guidance for social media providers, which says that many services do not allow children under the age of 13 to create an account.

This age limit has no specific legal bearing in the UK. It originates from a US law (the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act 1998) which sets out safeguards on data collection for children under 13.

Click here for Child safety online: a practical guide for providers of social media and interactive services, see page 7, GOV.UK (Adobe pdf file)

The NSPCC has published a report which suggests that 59% of UK 11 and 12 year-olds with internet access have a social networking profile, despite being underage. Of these, 23% had experienced something upsetting on social media. See the following for the document:

Younger children and social networking sites: a blind spot, NSPCC, see page 6 (Adobe pdf file)


Please click on the images below to open the links to several website for information on how to keep your child safe using social media.

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