Student Resources


A fantastic site to find information videos on all areas of science in biology, chemistry and physics.


Powerpoints and information for GCSE history.

Great podcasts for English Language and English Literature


Lots of practice papers for the new GCSE Science, Maths and English

Use BBC Bitesize to help with your homework, revision and learning. Find free videos, step-by-step guides, activities and quizzes by level and subject.


Almost 10 years after it started, the aim of this website remains the same: to get everybody enjoying their maths a bit more. Whether you are a teacher looking to plan a great series of lessons, or a student looking for some extra help with a topic, hopefully will have something for you.


There are always loads of educational videos on youtube.


MyMaths is an interactive online teaching and homework subscription website for schools that builds pupil engagement and consolidates maths knowledge. It is used in over 70 countries by approximately four million students each year!


Maths explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, worksheets and an illustrated dictionary. For students, teachers and parents.


A superb site for all kinds of maths resources.


A huge pile of free maths resources including schemes of work, BAM tasks and much, much more


LibriVox audiobooks are free for anyone to listen to, on their computers, iPods or other mobile device, or to burn onto a CD.


The home of free  Functional Skills literacy and numeracy resources since 2001. The site was redeveloped in 2011 but all your favourite resources are still here.


Let Mr Thornton make your GCSE Science revision easier. All the key concepts in GCSE Science from Chemistry, Physics, and Biology will be covered as the list…


All the details from the original Bill Nye The Science Guy series.


NTScience – Here are some science games, wordsearch and crossword puzzles, powerpoint presentations, revision mindmaps and homework suggestions to help.


The classroom out of school!  Teachers post homework for pupils to complete.  A user name and password is required.


In keeping with the anti stigma roots, Bolton CAMHS Bekindtomymind helps provide insight and education to young people, adults, professionals and school staff in order to better understand what some young people are managing.