The Bolton Impact Trust, although made up of several specialist academies, has a simple goal of serving our pupils by offering high quality personalised education.

Together with partners, other agencies, parents and the local authority, we aim to create learning environments that are innovative, motivational and impactful on children’s lives. We will strive to do this by offering learning packages that are relevant to each child, that inspire them to want to learn more and that encourage them to become lifelong learners. Academic programmes, vocational learning opportunities and enrichment activities will be central to our curricular offer.

Our aim is to inspire every young person to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary, both inside and outside the traditional classroom environment, to fulfil their true potential. Developing self-esteem, confidence and resiliency will be major goals for us and preparing our young people to enjoy worthwhile and fulfilling lives back in their own communities after attending the Bolton Impact Trust will be a crucial part of our work.

Our vision is based on key principles

  • Re-direction, fresh start and re-integration.
  • Raising pupil aspiration and ambition
  • Behaviour modification, social and emotional support and alternative methodologies will be key strategies
  • A central ethos of unconditional positive regard, affection and warmth
  • The values of ‘Celebrate Achievement’ and ‘Be the Best you can be’
  • Respect, endeavour and learning for all.

 We expect all members of our organisation to model these values and exemplify appropriate behaviours inside and outside of the academy environment through appropriate conduct, moral conscience and social responsibility.

Paul Hodgkinson

Executive Principal