Youth Challenge Primary does not receive pupil premium.


The link below provides information on how Youth Challenge Secondary has spent its pupil premium grant:

Pupil Premium Planned Spend 2019 – 20

The Pupil Premium funding for the 2019-2020 academic year will be spent on a range of targeted areas to ‘close the gap’ between the Pupil Premium students and the Non-Pupil Premium students in the school. More than the allocated funding will be spent on staffing, training and specific support as research has found that to improve the attainment of ALL pupils (including the most disadvantaged) the quality of teaching needs to be high.
The academy has previously developed and implemented a custom Provision Mapping System. This is used to identify any additional support/intervention that is being allocated to individual students and at what specific costs.
The pupils at Youth Challenge are referred to the academy because they are unable to access mainstream education. Barriers to accessing education and making good progress for these pupils are;
Permanently excluded
Struggling to maintain relationships with peers
Attendance and punctuality
Poor Literacy levels
Lack of parental engagement
Involvement with social care
Low aspirations
Anxiety and poor mental health
It must be noted that this is not an exhaustive list.


Previous yearly PPG record or spending initiatives:

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