Youth Challenge – Primary

Transport daily to and from Youth Challenge Primary is provided by the Local Authority and will be provided by a taxi with an escort person on board. The taxi will transport at least 6 other children to and from Youth Challenge Primary.

Parents/carers must escort their child onto the transport in the morning and collect them from it in the afternoon.

Parents must ring the taxi company before normal pick up time to cancel the transport if your child does not require transport due to illness or for any other reasons.

Safe behaviour on the transport is of paramount importance – children must wear their seatbelts at all times, there are to be no snacks or drink consumed on the taxi.

If safe behaviour is not followed, parents will be contacted, your child may receive a short term transport ban, a warning letter from the transport company, or a full ban. It will then be up to parents to transport their child to and from Youth Challenge Primary daily.

Youth Challenge – Secondary

Pupils either make their own way to the site or are picked up from a number of sites around the town. Parents will be informed of options available upon enrolment.