• Welcome to Bolton Impact Trust

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    Welcome to Bolton Impact Trust!
    • Serving Bolton’s young people by offering high quality personalised Alternative Provision.

      The Bolton Impact Trust, although made up of several specialist academies, has a simple goal of serving our pupils by offering high quality personalised education.

    • Vision

      Together with partners, other agencies, parents and the local authority, we aim to create learning environments that are innovative, motivational and impactful on children’s lives.

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    Our vision is based on key principles

    • Re-direction, fresh start and re-integration.
    • Raising pupil aspiration and ambition
    • Behaviour modification, social and emotional support and alternative methodologies will be key strategies
    • A central ethos of unconditional positive regard, affection and warmth
    • The values of ‘Celebrate Achievement’ and ‘Be the Best you can be’
    • Respect, endeavour and learning for all.

    We expect all members of our organisation to model these values and exemplify appropriate behaviours inside and outside of the academy environment through appropriate conduct, moral conscience and social responsibility.

    Welcome to the Bolton Impact Trust, a multi academy trust that provides outstanding education for children with Social, Emotional, Medical and Mental Health needs in Bolton.

    The trust was formed in April 2016 comprising of the four former Pupil Referral Units:

    • Youth Challenge: A Secondary Provision for pupils who have either been permanently excluded or are at risk of permanent exclusion
    • Impact PLC: Formerly the Young Mums Unit, a personal learning centre for pupils who require a more bespoke approach to their education
    • The Forwards Centre: A Primary provision for pupils who have either been permanently excluded or are at risk of permanent exclusion
    • Park School / Home Hospital Teaching: A provision for pupils with mental health or medical needs.

    The Trust was founded to sponsor Lever Park (SEMH) Special School, which joined the Trust on May 1st 2016.

    The Trust is led by our Executive Principal, Paul Hodgkinson, a recognised expert in the field of education for SEMH children. Paul is well regarded as a leader in his field, providing support to other SEMH schools both regionally and nationally.

    Mary Powell
    Chair of Trustees

    I am proud to lead the Bolton Impact Trust as its Executive Principal. I have 20 years of experience in providing education to children in Bolton with behavioural, medical and mental health needs and am pleased to say that four of our five provisions received good or outstanding judgements when they last received an Ofsted inspection. In total eight of our inspections have resulted in outstanding overall judgements.

    We are making good progress in improving standards in our role as sponsors to Lever Park and our key priorities remain ensuring that all of our pupils are able to learn in an environment which supports high quality teaching and pastoral support.

    The Trust is based upon values which include giving pupils a fresh start and our fundamental aim is always to provide our children with the opportunities to return to mainstream education if appropriate. In instances where this isn’t possible, we will always endeavour to provide them with the equality of opportunity which their mainstream peers are entitled to.

    Celebrating achievement is our motto. This is supported by a set of clear values built around the central principles of unconditional positive regard, affection and warmth.

    More personalised provision is provided to those pupils who require non-traditional learning environments. This includes teaching in the home, at our off site provision and in hospital.

    Pupils may attend our Academies on either full time or part time timetables as we pride ourselves on creating personalised learning programmes for all of our learners.

    Paul Hodgkinson
    Executive Principal

  • Our Academies

    Youth Challenge is an alternative educational provision for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students based at the former site of Smithills Sixth Form College. It also has a small Key Stage 2 provision providing 2 days support for students at risk of permanent exclusion.
    Opened in September 2013, Youth Challenge has capacity for 64 students, although circumstances may mean that capacity increases as the need arises. We are a borough wide provision and serve the whole of Bolton’s secondary schools.

    Lever Park School is a Special School for boys and girls aged 11 to 16 who have a statement relating to their social, educational and behavioural difficulties.
    The school is part of the Lever Park Learning Trust which has foundation and charitable trust status.
    However, Lever Park remains within the Bolton family of schools and provides places for pupils throughout the borough. It is the only school of its type in the Bolton borough.

    Based at the Harvey Early Years Centre near Bolton Town Centre
    Caters for up to 10 pregnant girls
    Emphasis placed on academic rigour, social and emotional education
    Historically the Unit has helped the girls obtain excellent outcomes
    Very nurturing environment (babies also attend)
    Judged outstanding by Ofsted in 2015

    The purpose and mission of Park School Teaching Service is to:
    Ensure all pupils achieve their potential by offering good quality education to children who cannot attend a mainstream school because of health needs
    Work closely with medical professionals and the child’s family to ensure suitable and flexible education appropriate to what may be a changing health status
    Work with schools to complement the education a child receives if they are unable to attend full time or only intermittently
    Offer every child a personalised curriculum according to his/her needs
    Encourage and support all children to return to school as quickly as their illness allows, supported by an individually tailored reintegration plan
    Support pupils’ emotional wellbeing to enable them to overcome barriers to attainment and shape their own futures
    Ensure that all pupils develop as responsible citizens and learn the life skills necessary to become independent adults

    Situated in Breightmet, and part of the Bolton PRU Service the Forwards Centre is an educational provision for Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils who have experienced difficulties in their mainstream schools because of their social, emotional and behavioural needs. The provision caters for up to 40 children.
    All the children follow the National Curriculum for literacy and numeracy, differentiated according to their needs and take part in assembly and ‘Circle Time’ on a daily basis. In addition, all the children access music, cookery and Spanish on the Centre’s timetable. Enrichment activities include swimming, wrestling and a wide variety of PE activities including gymnastics, water sports and basketball throughout the academic year. The curriculum was judged by OFSTED to be “outstanding” 2009 and 2012.

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