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Bolton Impact Trust

Executive Principal’s Introduction

I am proud to lead the Bolton Impact Trust as its Executive Principal.

Our Trust is based upon values which include giving pupils a fresh start and our fundamental aim is always to provide our children with the opportunities to return to mainstream education if appropriate. In instances where this isn’t possible, we will always endeavour to provide them with the equality of opportunity which their mainstream peers are entitled to.

Celebrating achievement is our motto. This is supported by a set of clear values built around the central principles of unconditional positive regard, affection and warmth.

More personalised provision is provided to those pupils who require non-traditional learning environments. This includes teaching in the home, at our off site provision and in hospital.

Pupils may attend our Academies on either full time or part time timetables as we pride ourselves on creating personalised learning programmes for all of our learners.

Paul Hodgkinson

Executive Principal

Personal Learning Centre

Forwards Centre

The Trust has three layers of Governance:

It has five Members, whose role is to make key strategic decisions and to appoint Trustees.

A board of nine Trustees, whose manage the Trust on a day to day basis.

Five local governing bodies (one for each academy), who oversee the Trust’s functions at academy level.